Dhol Players

Having the perfect live entertainment for your event or next party is an important element that cannot be overlooked. In addition to perfect lighting, music, and the environmental effects they live drum player can boost the energy level of an event. A dhol is a special drum that is warm in tone and can amplify sound it produces two great levels.

The ideal dhol is worn by the drum player to produce the most vibrant form of percussion entertainment possible. An experienced dhol player can follow many traditional rhythm patterns in addition to modern rhythm patterns associated with DJ music. LUCKY and his team provide excellent dhol players which can without a doubt transform a party or event to the next level of energy and excitement.

Singers and Bands

Live entertainment is often best executed by talented singers and bands at an event or party. LUCKY and his team of professionals can provide top-notch singers and top-notch bands which can create a much-needed atmosphere of high energy and excitement. The perfect band is one that can deliver not only high-energy but also unique and interesting musical components that span themes and genres.

The accompaniment of singers is of a particular importance as they can vocalize any song that meets cultural requirements for an event or party. Singers and bands make up a critical node in the management process that can deliver the best live entertainment that has an impact on your party and your guests. LUCKY can provide the best singers and bands for your next event. Contact LUCKY and discover the possibilities of live entertainment that is unique and filled with life, joy, and energy.


Another component of an excellent party or event is the display and usage of plasma screens. This enables various types of content that can be seen by all those attending the event. For anniversary party scenarios, the plasma screens could display images and videos over the lifetime together. For wedding party and other events as well, the plasma screen set up can show images of the live entertainment or recorded content that is synchronized with the overall music and entertainment streams.

The purpose of plasma screens is to highlight many aspects of the party or event. LUCKY and his team of professional entertainers have been able to set up plasma screens and complementary lighting and music to create an atmosphere of perfection and energy. Contact LUCKY for your next event or party.

Masters of Ceremonies

Depending on what the nature of your party or event maybe, the right MC can make all the difference. There is never a particular requirement for what kind of a party or event needs an MC. However even for a birthday, wedding, or sweet sixteen having an MC can put everything together as well as combine the different elements of guests and entertainers which makes all the difference. An MC provides voice, the physical presence, and the center of attention for all guests. In this way there is a constant motion of entertainment that is ongoing..

Because of this your next event or party will not be stagnant or static but will contain the necessary elements of excitement and energy as well as a constant mode of entertainment. LUCKY and his team of professionals have been providing MC services for over a decade. Contact LUCKY and discover the great entertainment value of having an MC at your next event or party.

Lighting Packages

The right amount of light and how it is positioned and what color it might be an all effect the mood of the party. The mixture of light colors can bring together different elements of psychology and energy. LUCKY and his professional team have created some of the best and most profound lighting environments. With a collection of different types of lighting equipment, strobe lights, disco lights, revolving lights, atmospheric lights, as well as a plethora of others are all available for your next party or event.

The perfect lighting environment can shift the mood and how much fun and event can be. Depending on what music is being played the right light effects can greatly enhance the energy level of the event. Contact LUCKY and his team of professionals to come up with an exciting and unique lighting package for your event.

Disc Jockeys

The disc jockey is the man of the hour, the man with the plan, and the man that gets the best music mixed with the right amount of tempo and energy to kick up your party or event. It doesn’t matter what theme, or genre your event requires. LUCKY and his team of professionals can create a musical environment that can span any decade in any style. Anything from high-energy bhangra, hindi, disco, rock and many other styles can be mixed and delivered based on your requirements.

With over a decade of experience and with thousands of songs in inventory, the masterful LUCKY and his team of professional entertainers can create the ideal rhythmic and dance environment for your next event and party.